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The Pied Piper Appeal

Initially created in 1992 to fund a new children’s hospital for the county, the Appeal now reaches out to help sick children from across Gloucestershire in many different ways.

The hard work of thousands of Pied Piper supporters has raised over £2million to date. The funds have been used to build the new Children’s Centre at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, refurbish and revitalise the children’s ward at Cheltenham General Hospital, purchase new equipment, enhance hospital environments and help individual children to make life at home easier with hoists and other equipment.

But the work cannot stop here. Medical advances mean that new and specialised services are continually becoming available and should be offered to our local children. Yet this puts a greater demand on the resources of the NHS in Gloucestershire and it needs our support. We need help to build a better future for children in sickness and pain across the county.

Telephone: 03004226119

Registered charity number: 1011611

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